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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  December 16, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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this time lester, 226 have lost their lives to violence in the city. >> city officials are staying the course when it comes to violent crime in the city. over the past couple of days, we have had to police involved shootings, and tonight on north avenue, another homicide. i spoke with mayor dixon earlier this evening who tells us the recent shootings will serve as fuel to get try to -- to try to get tougher gun laws in the city. >> monday, police shot and killed 32-year-old michael guest after he allegedly shot a man and woman in the legs. tuesday, 39-year-old christopher shelton had just finished a meeting with his parole officer in northwest baltimore into account officers approached him and the suspect -- as a suspect in a number of or robberies. police say he pulled a 50 caliber revolvers on the operas, and they shot and killed him.
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a man shot and killed in a car on north avenue. >> we need to do something about the criminals, not about the guns, the criminals. everybody has got to get that point. >> despite a violent start to the week, according to numbers from the mayor's office, violent crimes are down in the city this year. when it comes to homicide, last year at this time there were 226. this year there are 224, a difference of 1%. there were 561 schillings at this point last year, and this year there are four hundred 35, a difference of 43%. -- there are 435. >> most of these are not random incidents, they are planned. >> the mayor said the city will stay the course and will hopefully be able to use the recent police involved shootings when it goes to annapolis to try and get tougher gun laws for the city.
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>> these are illegal guns. if you look at the records of these individuals, these are not just first offenses. they happen over and over, and enough is enough. >> both of the latest shootings involved convicted felons with violent criminal pasts. >> tonight's state police said the man charged in the fatal accident in harford county has surrendered two troopers. the crash have been on november 14, but travis gray did not turn himself in until today. troopers said that gray was driving a truck north on rte. 543 when he crossed the center line and hit another truck. three people inside that vehicle were killed. travis is charged with vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence. he is being held on $250,000 bond. the state fire marshal's office said the three alarm fire that destroyed a church building in
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harford county cost $3.5 million in damages. it took 75 firefighters to control the blaze in joppa, and tonight because of the blaze remains under investigation. -- the cause of the blaze. >> well before the fire, the plan was for lunch, eight christmas tradition for the golden agers of joppa town. >> we resetting of a luncheon in getting ready to have our lunch and exchanged gifts, and some lady came out of one of the back rooms and said there is a fire in the back room. >> the fire marshal's office has now released a cause for the blaze, but some have theories. >> it was just a breaker box, and i guess it moved to the bathroom. the wood is what made it so bad. >> it is the loss of something that has been used frequently.
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we will be able to replace it. >> archbishop edmund o'brien drove up from baltimore to show support. >> i was with the ladies just now who were having a christmas party. i said that they really know how to throw a party, they had a lot of excitement. they kind of laughed at that. >> the ladies meet every wednesday. >> which does have a good time, it is like a social club. >> when you have seen as much as this group has over the years, you recover quickly. >> now i am going to find somewhere to eat. >> archbishop o'brien it is expected at the church service for sunday. in tonight's "project economy global report, today governor martin o'malley says marilyn
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these war fiscal help. the state was already facing a daunting budget challenge with a deficit between $1.5 billion to $2 billion. he has called for more federal help in order to avoid more layoffs. he will submit that 2011 budget to the general assembly sometime next month. baltimore city is facing a $52 million budget shortfall and leaders are leaning toward new revenue sources to help out. >> if we get any additional cuts to the state, it could be devastating to us. text that is what mayor dixon told several leaders at a meeting this morning, asking for their help lobbying in annapolis before another round of state spending cuts. the city is already staring down a second budget deficit. x is going to be an ongoing process. job freezes are still in place.
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we are carrying out the furloughs until june. we are cutting back on spending. >> the city fire unions say their spending has been cut to dangerous levels and they are planning a massive rally and march on city hall tomorrow in protests. >> there is absolutely no doubt that people's lives are in jeopardy, and quite frankly, anyone that says otherwise is simply not telling the truth. >> councilman robert curran wants a long-term solution, and he is sniffing out new revenue sources. he says his bill could generate more than $5 million a year and says the city is losing millions more every year from commercial parking lots that are not paying taxes. a preliminary audit identified more than 50 possible violators, including major hospitals like johns hopkins and sinai. >> i think it is common to all of us in city government to come up with ideas on how to raise
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revenues without raising taxes on the folks. >> if you have unpaid parking tickets piling up, there may be some good news coming your way. baltimore city councilman is pushing to limit the penalty fees they can add up to hundreds if not thousands of extra dollars. >> right out if you get a citation in baltimore city, the monthly fines keep adding up indefinitely until you either pay the fine or set up a payment plan with the city's collection agency. councilman jack young calls that unfair, especially in a recession. if you drive in baltimore city, chances are you have seen parking tickets fluttering in the wind. once a citation lands are your when show, the penalty start piling up. violators are responsible for the unpaid fines plus a penalty of $16 a month. there is no limit on fees unless a payment plan is reached with the city's collection agency.
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>> i am not promoting bad behavior of people not paying their parking fines, but i think there should be a cap or they do not get gouged. >> counseling young introduce the bill. it keeps the penalty in place, but camps the maximum amount at five times their original fine. >> it would be a $2.5 million loss to the city. >> he is currently battling the city over fees that incurs from a citation which he says he never received. >> two years later, i found out i of the city $600. i was contacted by a collection agency that the city hired. apparently they can find us with no problem, but the city cannot. >> 95% of those tickets are adjudicated and thrown out.
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>> councilman young also supports an amnesty period that would allow you to get out of all the late fees as long as you pay the original fine. >> the state of maryland has in agreement, and new partnership that will bring a 5700 jobs to this area. ports of america will be responsible for running the daily operations of the port of baltimore as well as investing millions of dollars in infrastructure. 3000 other jobs during construction and the other 2700 will be actually at the port. under the deal, 65 acres of land at the port will be used for development and attracting new business. tonight the baltimore based group gave their performance on
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the popular this thing off. the group performed a beach boys superstar medley. the judges praised their complex harmony, but ultimately the group was voted off. max factor was the only quartet in the competition. a police chief is busted for trying to cover a murder. what the judge had to say about the lawman. plus, it is this season for scammers. 15 kids all diagnosed with brain tumors. the common thread? their neighborhood. tonight, an investigation into a possible cancer cluster. if you have vacation plans in the works, southwest airlines is making it easier for you to get around. >> those shows coming down from the great lakes area, another indication that the cold exporting in. down to 27 right now at the
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airport, 32 at the inner harbor. airport, 32 at the inner harbor. the winds are diminishing.
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>> "time" magazine set off a controversy when it chose bed chairman ben bernanke as its person of the year. -- chosen been -- chose fed chairman ben bernanke as its person of the year. the editor says bernanke's decision to lower interest rates and loosen credit have had a huge impact on ordinary americans. bernanke will appear before the senate tomorrow as hearings begin for his reappointment as reserve chairman. a pennsylvania police chief is charged with trying to cover up a beating of an immigrant by white teenagers. shenandoah's about two hours from here. the judge called him a serious danger to witnesses in the case.
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the two officers are charged with trying to cover up the 2008 fatal beating, but they work released to home confinement. officials in a town in florida have found preliminary evidence that one neighborhood is a cancer cluster. in the past few years, 13 children in western palm beach county have suffered from brain tumors, and more recently, in the last few weeks, to more children have also been diagnosed. since then, state health officials have conducted interviews to see if there is a common pattern among these children. in the meantime, residents have hired an independent firm to investigate. they tested the area for creation and found readings 30 times higher than normal. -- tested the area for radiation. >> this is my son's room that he refuses to come into. i am going to get some things and then walk out. >> there are trying to prove man-made radiation is polluting
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the wells in that area. the one and only therapy dog who helped workers at ground zero is receiving a very special gift this season. he provided emotional support to the rescuers there. since the tragedy, that 10-year- old basset hound has lost most of his hearing. today he received a custom hearing aid and it is expected to help him continue to help people, including his owner, who has narcolepsy. southwest airlines is making holiday travel easier. it is expanding its service at b.w.i. marshall airport. >> while many airports across the country have seen their passenger count dropped over the past year, in the past few months, b.w.i. marshall has seen a rise in passengers using the airport. >> it really shows the strength
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of the market. the maryland and national capital region is a strong and attractive market for airlines. >> to help make the increase even bigger, southwest airlines is increasing their daily nonstop flights to record 181 a day. >> we are excited about it. our employees are excited about being able to offer service to the customers here in baltimore. we look forward your schedule being announced today. we are also announcing our panama city service that will give us service out of north florida. >> southwest has been at marshall since 1993, and is now their fourth biggest hub in the country. business is good and getting better. >> take a look at all our routes from the network, we have cleared away the flies that were not working and added them back to areas where we knew there were to reject it was a demand.
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>> the holiday season is in full swing, and so are thieves, unfortunately. that is why baltimore county police want to make sure you protect yourself from on-line scammers. beware of the organization sending unsolicited e-mail asking for donations. when approached by charitable groups, asked plenty of questions before you give. do your homework when you donate. make sure the organization has a history of service and commitment to the committee. if you have doubts about a particular group, you can check them out online. tonight was the sixth annual elf night at the salvation army warehouse. volunteers pitched in to sort and prepare toys, clothes, and food for families in need. this christmas, the salvation
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army and angel tree program will benefit more than 2000 baltimore area families. firstly michelle obama made a big donation to the toys for tots program. she carried the donations into toys for tots in northern virginia. the toys were collected as part of a special white house effort. mrs. obama spoke to volunteers and thank them for their dedication. she also encourage more people to volunteer and give, especially since donations have dwindled this year. >> you show america that you can be even deeper in this time and put your time and effort into making sure that kids all around this country have something wonderful to wake up to on christmas morning. >> the first lady says there is still a great need for toys for children at 11-14 years old as well as older kids. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> temperatures trending downward now as arctic air
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filters into the mid atlantic. it will likely be a little bit lighter toward dawn, but cold temperatures nonetheless. in just a second we will show you the current temperature at the airport. we are rewriting the almanac with each passing hour. the afternoon temperatures were well short of the normal high of 46 degrees. a roundabout way, it is cold. temperatures have dropped below freezing. columbia is down to 30 degrees. 27 at b.w.i. marshall. that has been the official low of the day so far. low to mid 30's down across the lower eastern shore. almost in the teens in parts of garrett county. while the cold air is dry and the skies are clear around here, when the cold crosses the lake city picks up moisture and produces this knows that are continuing to be generated to the north and west of us tonight.
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18-25, the winds will be under 10 miles an hour. we will see a good deal of sunshine tomorrow. the high-pressure center will get out of the way after delivering the cold, opening the door to the storm that is already taking shape in the western gulf. heavy rain in south texas. the storm is heading north, coming into the cold air. the potential is there for some winter weather. the snow and sleep starts in southwest virginia friday night and pushes up for the baltimore area saturday morning. it is looking more and more like we will see some accumulating snows here on saturday as the storm approaches. here comes the southern storm and 861 of heavy snow in amounts of southwest virginia and western north carolina. some of it goes up the i-95 corridor. that is the current forecast. it can change, we are still a
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few days away. saturday could turn wintery around here. mostly sunny tomorrow with clouds in the afternoon. 30 an ounce around deep creek lake. around the bay, just a touch milder temperatures in the 40's. keeping an eye on the weekend after a couple of cold, dry days. we have upped the chance for snow on saturday to 60%. some of the snow showers may linger into sunday. >> the orioles continue to make moves to upgrade their pitching staff. >> tonight's multi-jackpot has
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an estimated annuity of $2 million. here are your winning numbers for tonight. 28-18-6-33-19-9. and no one matches all six numbers on anyone line of a ticket, the jackpot climbs to $2,150,000. the next joint "saturday night live" here on wbal-tv 11. -- the next drawing is saturday night.
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>> the ravens know that in order to stay in the playoff race, they have to beat the bears on sunday. in order to do that, that have to call on something they have not done since weeks 2 and 3, win back-to-back games. it makes ending this season on a winning streak got the challenge. since john harbaugh arrived in baltimore, the ravens have not lost to a team with a losing record. all three of the ravens final opponents have losing records
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right now, including sunday's opponent, the chicago bears. >> we have no other choice but to win. we cannot sit back and say if we don't get it this week we can get it next week. we have to get it this week, because if we don't, there is no next week for us. we have to break the trend, and down, up and down. i think this will be a good week to buck the system a little bit. >> the troubled career of chris henry has taken a potentially life-threatening turn. he remains in serious condition in a north carolina hospital. he apparently fell out of the back of a moving pickup truck during what police are calling a domestic dispute with his fiancee. he jumped into the debt of a truck while his fiancee try to drive away during an argument. at some point he lost his balance and fell from a moving vehicle.
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>> the orioles have now landed the pitcher for the back end of the bullpen. they have agreed to a two-year deal with mike gonzales. he has passed a physical, so it is a done deal. he served primarily as the setup man last season in atlanta. he delivered a perfect 24 for 24 opportunities. a former blue jays ace and cy young award winner agreed to a $60 million contract extension today with the phillies. that will complete the three team deal. the mariners will keep most of the risk in the deal. lee now heads to seattle in the last year of a contract with no extension in place.
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while tiger woods continues to lose sponsors and watch his carefully crafted image fall apart, he also continues to collect high-level boards and honors. the associated press named him athlete of the decade for his accomplishments on the golf course. he also won a dozen majors. roger federer finished second. michael phelps finished fourth. woods has no comment about the award and certainly has no press conference planned to discuss the honor. all tiger remains out of sight, his wife could soon have a much higher profile in public. puma has reportedly begun to approach elin as a spokeswoman for its clothing line. elin woods could soon have the
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opportunity to take a slightly less supportive stance. >> stay with us, time is up next with a look at the seven-day forecast. -- tom is up next.
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>> a couple of dry, quiet days, and then the storm potential coming in on saturday.
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we have up to 60%. we will have to watch very closely over the course of the next couple of days. it probably will be a lot warmer than at lana. >> as we leave tonight, we have some breaking family news. our 11:00 producer is leading us to become an executive producer at another station with our company. we will miss her intelligence, small, and one of the most infectious laughs we have ever heard. that is our news. thanks for joining us. the tonight show is next.
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